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When a painting is great, you know it. It stops you. It mixes you up. It holds you still. Great Lakes Drive locates these artists and their great works.


Balance, motion, and form take shape in the minds of many, but only rise from the hands of a few. Those few are on G. L. Handwerks.

Mixed Media

Great concoctions hold you by the gut and shakes the excitement from your veins. Not for everyone, the reactions are extreme and personal.

Contemporary Craft

Trust your instinct and find that artist that will leave your space raised. Within everyones reach, great craft redefines extraordinary.

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"If you are looking for a summary of the most talented artisans around the Great Lakes, look no further!"

Great Lakes Drive Arts finds the great hideouts where the most talented smith their craft, paint their soul, and chisel their vision, and then gives you access to the creations that make your world extraordinary. Change your world through the work of these Great Lakes Artists. All originals directly from the artists and their galleries.

GLD Arts selects professional artists located around the Great Lakes who exceed expectations and imagination. We present their heart and soul, connect collectors with creators, and help each listing generate the audience that allows them to continue into the future.


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