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“Select The Best Way To Reach Your Audience!”

Multiple Ways To Get The Word Out! Place Yourself Where You’re Customers Do Their Planning.

This is where your customers come to plan their trips… and find the things they need! And the best thing about advertising here is that GLD places you in front of the audience most likely to buy from you right now!


Place your message front and center to everyone that visits the site! Designed to fit the websites look and feel, and prominently placed for easy-click access, GLD’s Header Ad is the prime place on the site for any message.

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Own a spot that is glowing red! The perfect marker for any event! Make sure they see you. The perfect solution for a festival or event.

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If you have a great location that should be on the map, click here and send it to us! It’s FREE.

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Become part of the homepage for a week! We’ll take your message and make sure you are placed full width on the homepage and linked to your own full page article with you message, loud and clear. Like an ad where the famous announcer does the referring, this is our way of speaking to our loyal.

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“One-Time Pay Click and Link Right-Side Ads!”

Place Your Ad Next To The Information You’re Customers Are Interested In, Now.

This is where your customers come to plan their trip… and find the things they need! And the best thing about advertising here is that GLD places you in front of the audience most likely to buy from you right now!


No matter how many times they click on your ad, you only pay once! Target your audience with a rotating add that meets interested individuals on their way up to the lakes. No other format can target customers more directly when considering your audience is planning a trip that requires your gear, service, or advice.

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We do not accept all ad requests but when we do we put you in front of your customers.

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Why Advertise On GLD?

On GLD, your audience selects the category that relates to your product. If your product relates to that category, you know they are interested in you! It’s not an automated system repurposing ads that relate to something that was of interest yesterday. Every ad relates to now! This is realtime marketing, like a sign hanging in your store and your customer is standing in front of it. If you sell tents, and someone is interested in going camping, you will want to be on the campsites category so you show up next to every campsite listing and camping article in the “Stories From The Lakes” section.

How Does It Work?

We drill it down so your ad is placed in front of the right audience! All categories in the “GLD-Great Lakes Filter” are separated within specific markets. When a visitor comes to GLD to search their interests, they filter by category and only that category of sites appears on the map. You pick your category(s). GLD brings it all together… and the nice thing is that people visiting GLD are probably planning on spending money. It’s a win win for everyone. GLD visitors don’t have to look at a lot of unnecessary ads, and you know that when someone sees your ad they picked your topic of interest all by themselves.

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How Much Does It Cost?

Click on the link above that relates to the specific ad location you are interested in and it is detailed out for you. Find out immediately if a location on our site is right for you. We want you to be a part of GLD for a long time so you will always find lower rates and locked in prices for those that stick around. It takes time to add and subtract advertisements from the site and we like partners that stay around. It’s one of the reasons we are here; to make sure the businesses around the lakes thrive! Select the place you want to be from the list above and let’s get you out there!

We Create Your Ad For You!

In most cases, you supply the message and link and we will take care of putting the ad together, no extra charge. You never have to worry about hiring a designer, adding to the cost. We will take your information and create an ad for you that fits the site and makes you one of the supported resources. If you have an image you would like incorporated, we will place it, though we do have standards and if the photo does not meet them, we’ll outline why and how you may be able to correct it. If you do not have an image we can help find a local resource that can help you out. It’s that easy to list on GLD! If you prefer stock photography, take a look at or




Hopefully We Can Help!

If you have any questions, comments, or need more information, please fill out the form below and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. We are a small group of supporters so please be patient and you will get a response as soon as possible. Thank you for your note, and have a Great Lakes day!

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