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Great Lakes Drive is a Great Site!

Why LIST a LOCATION on GLD? Because It’s FREE! We don’t list every location and do not allow people to review listings on this site. Everyone has a bad day. Because of this, if you are recommending a vender, we’ll do our best to make sure that the places that are on the site have a pretty good track record. If you are recommending a place to visit, fishing hole, historic site, climbing hill, or just about anything else, bring it on. If it is relevant, we’ll mark it for all to see, and in some cases, try to find it ourselves!

Why ADVERTISE on GLD? That’s easy. Only $8 per Month – per Regional Spot and everyone that sees your name is interested in the same things you are, planning to visit your are, and are interested in what you’re selling.  


Just $95 Per Year – Per Regional Market!


We know how hard you work for your income. Just $8 a month – per regional market makes a targeted ad affordable, especially when you consider that everyone that visits GLD is planning on going to that area and directly interested in the subject matter that they view. You get the results of this in real time.

Making It Easy To Select Your Target Audience

  • Find your regional target audience on the map by clicking through the filter check boxes.
  • Select which (1) Markets (Hiking, Lodging, Fishing, etc.) and (2) States you want your ad show up on and make a list.
  • Send us the list when you order your spot and we’ll get you up and running.

Calculating the Cost

If you want (1) Hiking and (2) Lodging in (1) Minnesota and (2) Wisconsin take the number of markets (2) and multiply it by the number of States (2) = (2 x 2 = 4) and then take the total (4) and multiply it by $95. Imagine covering an interested audience on two state shorelines for an entire 12 months for the price many companies spend on one week of pay-by-click ads. Hard to beat.

Where Your Ad Will Be Displayed

In The right column on specific spots. We try to avoid unwanted noise on the homepage so visitors can find what they are looking for and get to the information that they came for. In this way, once the customer finds what they are looking for, we’ll show them helpful ads that get them excited about their trip, helps them plan their stops, and does what we can to get them to your front door or place an order from your website!

Ad Specifics

318px x 280px – png non-transparent – less that 47kb in size.

We Can Create Your Ad For You If You Like

For $199 dollars we’ll take your information and create an ad to the correct specs. If you request stock photography, that may be an additional charge, though in most cases the cost is very low ($15 to $30 for each image). If you prefer selecting the stock photography yourself, take a look at istockphoto and assume the lower resolution image will do the job.

How To Get Started

Fill out the form below and let us know your intentions and we’ll have a Great Lakes Drive representative contact you to answer any questions and get you started.

How to List a Location

Fill out the form below and include details about and location, latitude and longitude for the site, along with any other information that will help us check it out, including links. If the location is a good match, you’ll see it up.

Lat-Long Locator


Let Us Update Your Website?

You need to look as good as you really are! 

Buying decisions are made on first impressions. As an example, look at the various charter services running out of Duluth and see for yourself. Example 1 and Example 2. Which one gives you more confidence, even so the second example may be better at finding fish? (GLD does not have any affiliation with either site and did not design either site). If you picked Example 1, there is a reason for this; Their site is more beautiful and easier to navigate.

If you are considering a new responsive site that works on desktop to mobile, let us know

Great Lakes Drive will help you put together a list of items to collect, provide a couple of layout options depending upon your business, assemble it, and then hand over an access code so you can go right into the dashboard and maintain it on your own without having to pay any ongoing serve fee. All this, including 1 year hosting for $799, if you don’t have a home site yet.

Photography Is Key to the Success of Your Business.

There are so many fantastic local photographers around the Great Lakes! Find a professional local photographer that knows your area and have them take a series of really nice shots that will put you in competition with the big outfits.


If you have any questions, just send us a note using the link below!


Have a Great Lakes Drive Day!


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