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Burmuda — Wooden Schooner 1860-1870 (SHIPWRECK)

Burmuda — Wooden Schooner 1860-1870 (SHIPWRECK)

Grand Island, MI

The Burmuda, Wooden schooner, 394 gt., approximately 130 ft., sunk in Murray Bay, October, 1870. This wreck was confused for many years with the Dreadnaught and the Granada which were both salvaged from wrecks in Murray Bay.

Also known as the Murray Bay wreck, the Bermuda was a 130 foot long wooden schooner that sank in the Bay off Grand Island on October 15, 1870. She is popular with sport divers because of her depth and condition. The wreck is upright in shallow water and the top deck is reached at just 12 feet. Three large hatches open to the cargo hold and two companionways. A large cabin trunk, where the cabin blew off while sinking is near the stern. Schools of rock bass and other colorful game fish are common.

The wreck is intact in 12 to 30 ft. of water in remarkable condition for a shallow wreck.

“Bermuda”, Herman H. Hettller, and a mysterious scow schooner, with no name, met their demise in the frigid waters of Lake Superior. No scuba gear? No problem.. view them all from a glass bottom boat! –

Location: LORAN: 31649.5 / 47432.2, LON/LAT: 46.27’87” / 86.38’79”

Shipwreck Map Of Munising Area – Source Photo – Source

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For ships in trouble on the long southern coast of Lake Superior, harbors of refuge are few. Munising is one of them. The waters off Munising are sheltered by Grand Island and have been the final destination of many ships seeking safe harbor from the fury of the big lake. The area stretching from just west of Munising to Au Sable Point and including the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore is the home of the Alger Underwater Preserve. Several major shipwrecks lying within recreational diving limits are found inside its boundaries.

Alger Underwater Preserve Map & Shipwreck List Video Of Bermuda Dive



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