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Coming In 2018 A Passionate Team of Adventurers Finding Your Future Destination Towns In These Great Lakes States.


Estimated Population: 5.52 million

Highway 61 is approximately 152 miles long, between Duluth, Minnesota and the Minnesota/Canadian border. If driven straight through it will take about 3 hours.

Estimated Population: 5.78 million

If driving through Wisconsin from the Minnesota border to the Michigan border on highway 13 and US-2, it is about 145 miles in length and will take nearly 3 hours.

Estimated Population: 9.93 million

If driving from Ironwood Michigan to Sault Ste. Marie, with a stop at Hunter’s Point, you would travel approximately 502 miles, without the great side trips MI offers.

Estimated Population: 12.8 million

EDriving along Lake Michigan, through Chicago, you will travel 68 miles from the Wisconsin border to the Indiana border, but you can get fairly close to the lake all the way.


Est Population: 6.63 million

To cover the Great Lakes shoreline of Indiana you only have to drive 47 Miles. make sure to stop at Indiana’s Dunes National Lakeshore.

Est Population: 11.6 million

From the Michigan borer to Pennsylvania, you will cover 196 miles of Ohio road on the southern shore of Lake Erie, the fourth largest of the five Great Lakes.

Est Population12.8 million

Pennsylvania claims 45 miles of Lake Erie shoreline. Make sure to drive the Seaway Trail, and visit the exhibits marked along the route.

New York
Est Population8.54 million

New York has more than 350 miles of lake shore along Lake Erie and Lake Ontario, to include Niagara Falls, between the US and Canada.

Est Population13.6 million

There are a number of worthwhile routes from the North Eastern tip of Lake Ontario to Thunder Bay, but plan on about 1100 miles.


A Passionate Team of Adventurers finding your next Minnesota destination town.

Whether you’re crossing the ocean or a few miles, Great Lakes Drive is working to bring you new destination towns worth a stop! One’s you may ever have heard about.

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We are a small team taking on a gigantic task, but we are ready to play! We’ve begun on the beautiful North Shore of Minnesota and are now making our way around. As we move East you’ll see the home page map expand and the locations under your favorite filters increase. And, if you want to do your part, send us your favorite places. Most people want to keep them secret, even so they only visit them from time to time. But remember, the more great places you tell us about the more likely your favorite businesses along the way will remain there for you to enjoy.

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So many great places to visit around the Great Lakes that we needed to come up with a way to get you what you want to see! Make sure to use the filters or the viewable area resizing tool that you can find directly on the map, or you may find that load wheel spinning an awfully long time. We want you to find what you are looking!


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