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Kitchi Gammi Park and Congdon Boulevard

Kitchi Gammi Park and Congdon Boulevard

Kitchi-Gammi Park, Duluth MN

One of the best beaches in Duluth, in 1922 Snively and Park Superintendent Henry Cleveland created the city’s first tourist camps at Brighton Beach, Indian Point, and Chester Bowl. The timing was perfect for taking advantage of the boom in auto tourism.

A Bit of Park History

Kitchi Gammi Park & Congdon Boulevard – As automobiles became widely available in the 1920s summer vacations turned into road trips, creating a new style of tourism…

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Must Read Books Recommendation: Duluth’s Historic Parks: Their First 160 Years by Nancy S. Nelson & Tony Dierckins (Zenith City Press, 2017) featuring over 300 historic photos, illustrations, and lithographs.
Duluth’s Historic Parks – By Nancy S. Nelson & Tony Dierckins

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